Ayurved Management of Psoriasis- A Case Study

Dr Pravin A. Patil, Dr Pranam S. Kharche, Dr Sandhya G. Kharche, Dr Sandeep N. Nagre, Dr Vaishali S. Peddawad

Assistant Professor, Dept of Rasashastra and B.K, Associate Professor, Dept of Dravyagunavigyan, Associate Professor, Dept of Kaumarbhrittya, Associate Professor, Dept of Swasthvritta, Associate Professor, Dept of Panchkarma, ASPM Ayurved College Hospital and Research institute Buldhana Maharashtra India.

Corresponding Author– Dr Pravin A. Patil          Email- drpravinpatil15@gmail.com

Abstract– Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder of skin results in hyper proliferation of the skin. It is a chronic skin disease characterized by dry skin and raised,rough,red areas on the skin covered with fine slilvery scales. A clear skin description is available in charaka samhita under Kushtha. Ayurved management is quite effective in Psoriasis as campare to modern treatment.The line of treatment in present given study is Shodhan and Shaman chikitsa. Virechan panchkarma therapy followed by internal medicinal treatment is considered as good management of skin disorder.

keywords-Psoriasis, skin disorder.

Introduction– As per Ayurveda causes of all varieties of skin diseases are common. Intake of mutually contradictory food(virudhanna) is cause of skin disorder. Intake of this food causes vitiation of tridosha and that will be responsible for various skin disorder. Ekakushta is compare with psoriasis due to its maximum resemblance with sign and symptoms. Acharya Charaka mention skin description under Kushta chapter. Dry skin and raised rough,red areas on the skin covered with fine silvery scales,erythmatouse,well defined dry scaly papules and plaques ranges from pin head to palm sized are the symptoms seen in this disease. As per Acharya charaka the vitiation of tridosha along with twaka,mansa,rakta and lasika have major role in pathogenesis of psoriasis. So Ayurveda Shodhan and Shaman chikitsa is very effective in treating psoriasis. So in present case study virechan therapy followed by Internal medicine is followed for the management of psoriasis.

Case presentation
A 40 year old Male patient presented with OPD of ASPM Ayurved college Buldhana Maharashtra with a chief complaint of chronic plaque over chest region,trunk region,both hands and legs with Daha,vaivarnya,kandu all over body since 5 years. Patient had disturbed sleep since 1 month. The case was diagnosed as Ekakushta on the basis of Ahara,Vihara,Nidana and Lakshana and its management is successfully done by the Ayurvedic principle Shodhan and Shamana Chikitsa.

Ashta vidha Pariksha

Sr. No Pariksha Pramana
1 Nadi 79/min
2 Mala Vibandha
3 Mutra Samyak
4 Jeeva Saam
5 Shabda Samyak
6 Sparsha Khar
7 Druka Samyak
8 Akruti Madhyama.

Treatment Plan
Treatment plan consist of Shodhan and Shaman Chikitsa.

1. Shodhan Chikitsa– Virechan karma was carried out in shodhan chikitsa. Virechan karma was carried out in 3 stages i.e Purvakarma,Pradhankarma,Paschatkarma. First pachan with done by giving Aampachak vati 2 tab BD For 7 days. Then Snehapan was started with Mahatiktak ghrita given for 6 days everyday with increasing quantity. After 6 days samyak snehpana lakshana were observed. Then 3 days sarwang abhayang and swedan was given with Bala oil and Dashmool decoction. on 3rd day morning virechan was given with Abhayadi Modak 2 tab followed by regular interval of leukwarm water. After 1.5 hr virechan vega was started. Total 18 virechan vega was observed. After completion of virechan patient was kept on Sansarjan krama was advised for 5 days. Patient was advised to take rest and eat light diet and special diet is advised for 3 to 5 days.

2. Shamana Chikitsa– After shodhana oral medicine was started such as Arogyavardhini vati 250 mg B.D, Gandhak Rasayan[4] 250 mg B.D, Khadirarishta 15 ml B.D,Coconut oil for local application for 15 days.

Redness of skin was markly reduced after treatment. Scaling was reduced significantly after treatment. Daha,vaivarnya,kandu was also reduced after treatment. The patient can sleep well after 15 days of treatment.

Shodhan and Shamana chikitsa is the key factor in Ayurved management of psoriasis. Due to virechan karma the vitiated doshas are left out of the body and samayak awastha of doshas was achieved. Shaman chikitsa also plays important role in achieving remaining vitiated doshas in samyak awastha. Local applicant coconut oil is a fantastic natural skin moisturizer and softner. It has antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Conclusion– By considering results of this case it can be conclude that Shodhan karma(Body purification therapy) and Shaman karma(Paliative and Conservative therapy) plays an important role in the management of Psoriasis.

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